ChemParser API Design

Enables data transmission between your business and our technology

Seamless Integration

Chemparser API is designed to provide seamless integration, enhancing your business’s efficiency and productivity. By connecting your systems directly with our data extraction technology, you can optimize your workflows and reduce the time and effort required to manage Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Technology Interface

Chemparser has developed a simple API, for fast developer onboarding, yet robust to allow you to send SDS cards, let the technology parse and extract data from your PDFs, and get the extracted results back.

software for sds extraction
precision in extracting data from sds cards

Accuracy & Agility

Chemparser technology includes internal quality controls to ensure the best possible result and at the same time Chemparser API allows you to both send and receive SDSs cards in the method you prefer, in the format you prefer, giving you freedom of choice and agility in the connection you intend to undertake with our service.

Visualize your processes

The API also provides information methods that allow you to have your processes under control at all times, giving you an updated picture of the situation of the batches of SDSs cards you have shipped.

ability to view your processes