why partner with us

Chemparser is a “bridge” between two worlds governed by different laws and logics: analogue world and digital world

Our partners use our bridge to provide their customers the full control of any dangerous substance or mixture 

See how Chemparser
can help your business

CMS & EHS software          

Chemical Management Systems and EHS solutions can enhance their Chemical Software by providing their customers with the digital information at the center of their attention: all the knowledge on all the hazardous row- materials used in their processes.

Chemical Consultants        

The availability of digital information allows consultants to perform, easily, any kind of task for its customers, from chemical risk analysis to assessments on any regulation compliance in a fraction of the time needed working on the PDF of a Safety Data Sheet.

SDS providers                      

What’s the best place to get a digital Safety Data Sheet? The same you use to download your SDSs or the same cloud binder where you keep them.

Partnering with us allows you to

Keep chemicals
under control

All substances and mixtures used by your customers are well known and under control.

researchers in a chemical laboratory
analyst working with business analytics and data management system on

Get answers in a click

Any assessments, on any question raised by users, is delivered in less than 1/10 of the time previously needed.

Attract new customers

Thanks to lower costs, you can attract new customers and beat competitors, who do not yet have the benefits of complete digitization of safety data sheets.

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